In any Alessandro Pagano collection exclusively high quality leather is used. The excellent quality of the finished leather is the result of the combination of the original properties of the natural skin and the most modern processes of tanning and finishing.
Each tanned skin has its own history and can be seen from natural marks present on the surfaces. These tell about the life of the animal. Therefore, healed scars, wrinkles, insect bites, stretch marks, veining, differences in grain, color difference and any trace that nature has left on the leather are proof of their genuineness and witness to their great worth.


Carefully selected from the most prestigious company textiles, fabrics and microfibers are reassessed both the practical aspect that for the aesthetic. Their ease of use and maintenance, and various shades of color, texture, weight, etc., allow easy approach to any kind of location.
The fabrics used for removable models and / or semi removable are selected to maintain the aesthetic characteristics even after repeated washings, provided they comply with the instructions for cleaning, maintenance and use affixed in tissue samples.


1. The upholstery colors are indicative: the tone is appropriate to assess with reasonable accuracy. Therefore, for the orders of goods in combination with a supply deferred in time, coatings, both in leather and fabric, may present reflections or different shades of color. This depends on production cycles of the coatings made at a distance of time.

2. The fabrics used are selected to maintain the aesthetic characteristics even after repeated washings, provided they comply with the instructions for cleaning, maintenance and use affixed in the tissue samples in the technical manual attached to each model. The washes performed with procedures other than those mentioned fall under the direct responsibility of the customer.

3. Alessandro Pagano sofa and beds reserves the right to make whatever modifications internal or external to its products or to totally eliminate from production models without this giving rise to compensation or compensation.

4. Orders for oversize items must be preceded by a request for feasibility to be sent by fax or e-mail to the attention of the technical office. Acceptance of the order will be communicated through the order confirmation which will indicate the actual price of the outsized which includes the relative increase compared to the standard price based on the type of intervention carried out extra.
Delivery times will be longer than 5 working weeks because more time is expected to produce an oversize. Also, just because it is an article not standard, non-standard sizes do not fit into Promotional Campaigns, nor are questionable because anomalies are due to the exceptional nature of the version made and not to defects in workmanship.

5. The wide range of fabrics available to us includes articles of different design: the variability is composed of items with color and solid, wrapped or flowery. The processing of a fabric sofa together (we call coordinated) requires particular precision, greater detail to ensure a flawless and, since its creation follows a path other than the production, the final price will be increased by a percentage that has been qualified to the extent of 7%, uniformly for all models for which it is provided the aforementioned coordinated.
In any case, however, the type of fabric wrapped can not be mounted on the body to avoid possible disputes about misalignments of weft and / or design of the fabric.

6. The items that make up the angular versions are made in such a way that each piece is coupled permanently to the other. This means that the side not in view are not coated and therefore can not be isolated from the composition.
In case you want to make a stand-alone piece of angular composition (or you want to order individually) you must specify the order so that each side will be perfectly coated and finished. This intervention will mean a percentage increase that will be calculated from time to time.

7. On the brochure shows sheets regarding the construction characteristics and structural, fillings, coatings, available versions, dimensions, notes about each model.